...Jan 10th OR 12 Please choose a time  - Meeting With Shawn- Location and Time TBA...

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11/24  Last santa shoot of 2023!! Sat  @ Thatch Meadow Farm St James Santa  and maybe not sure yet I can get the Chevy!!






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Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy

There is a deposit required to book any photo session. This deposit is non-refundable in the event that you must cancel your photoshoot. If you can refill your time slot with someone else, your deposit will be returned to you upon the new clients' deposit.

Cancel/Reschedule Policy.Please note that if you do not make your shoot for any reason or have to cancel within 7 days of your shoot you will lose your $50 deposit. Prior to 7 days if you are trying to move to another shoot day ,you will be considered rescheduling to another shoot and a rescheduling fee of $25 will apply.You will have to buy a new Shoot with a new deposit and then $25 will be refunded from your first deposit. (If you can fill you spot you will of course get your first deposit back in full ) If we get rained out there will be rain dates available to move to and if you are unable to make a rain date of course your deposit will be returned.